A worker’s view of Clinton and Trump


Sherry Golden

Sherry Golden

Like most Missourians, we spend the bulk of our time working and taking care of our families. So we were excited to get seats at the historic presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis.

But what we heard in the debate hall was a man who has no idea what the average American deals with every day. A man who doesn’t know what it’s like to spend hours caring for the elderly or cleaning office buildings. And a woman who has a plan to build a better future for working families like ours. A woman who has listened to our stories and has always made our fights her fights.

It’s not so much what we heard from Donald Trump. It’s more what we didn’t hear. We didn’t hear how he would raise wages. We didn’t hear how he would make healthcare more affordable. We didn’t hear how he would bring people of different races, religions or backSEUIAmericanpic2grounds together.

We did hear actual plans from Hillary Clinton. She was loud and clear that she’s committed to raising the wages of home care, child care, and airport workers, as well as, janitors, adjunct professors and other people like us. She will fight to raise the minimum wage so that working families in Missouri and across the country have a fair shot.


By Sherry Golden and Eugene Hubbard, Guest columnists at the St Louis American

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