Write your legislators today: Vote NO on risky tax schemes!

For Missouri to really compete, our state needs an educated workforce, a strong transportation infrastructure, and a climate where entrepreneurs can thrive. But just weeks into the legislative session, the Missouri House and Senate are  considering massive tax schemes that would undermine Missouri’s ability to build a strong economy.

Write your legislators today – tell them to say no to risky tax schemes!

Supporters of the schemes say that Missouri needs to follow the lead of states like Kansas. What they don’t tell you is that Missouri is already increasing jobs at a faster pace than Kansas, and that since Kansas cut some state income taxes, it’s increased its sales tax, and cities and counties have been forced to raise property taxes to avoid cutting needed services. What’s more, tuition at public universities has skyrocketed, and schools are facing a funding crisis. And Kansas expects to have even less resources for education next year.

More tax cut bills are expected to be debated throughout the legislative session. It will be important for lawmakers to consistently hear from constituents that they oppose these measures and their impact on critical services. Please start the conversation now by taking action.

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