Working People Beat the Chamber of Commerce’s Anti-worker Agenda

In these hard economic times putting money in working peoples pockets through job creation should be the top priority.  Instead CEOs have been using groups like the Chamber of Commerce to roll back our rights and wages. Here in Missouri, working families came together to fight back, we held the line, but next year promises to be more difficult.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce’s attack on working people was called “Fix the Six”. Their legislation sought to lower big business’ fair share of taxes, attack the minimum wage, and cheat workers that have been injured or discriminated against in the work place. As usual the goals were to line the pockets of big business at the expense of working people.

Here is a short list of the bills that thousands of working people in Missouri told their elected officials NOT to pass.

Right to Work – Introduced in Senate, but never moved.

Workers Compensation Reform – House and Senate both passed versions but couldn’t agree.

Minimum Wage COLA repeal – Passed House, failed in Senate.

Paycheck Deception – House and Senate both passed versions but couldn’t agree.

Elimination of Prevailing Wage –Various versions in both chambers, but never passed.

Employer Workplace Discrimination – Passed house and senate, but Vetoed by governor.

Thousands of people just like you took the time to call their Legislator and toll them to stand up for working families and vote against these measures. These bills will be back again next year and we will need your help to defeat them even more by participating in lobby days in Jefferson City and making calls to your elected officials.  Please enter your email address in the upper right hand corner to receive emails about events.

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